What is the REM ISF® Process?

REM ISF Before & AfterISF stands for Isotropic Superfinish. The ISF Process is a unique patented process that generates a non directional low Ra surface. It employs mass finishing equipment in conjunction with accelerated refinement chemistries that are non-hazardous and environmentally friendly. Among its many benefits, an ISF surface reduces friction and wear, increases part durability, and improves corrosion resistance. The process has proven applications in many industries including aerospace, automotive, gearing & bearings, medical, military, motorsports, off-highway and power generation.

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The REM Isotropic Superfinish (ISF®) Process is a value adding and performance enhancing improvement to conventional machining operations such as grinding and lapping. The extensive benefits of the ISF Process add value and improve performance across a wide range of industries.

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The Process is a cost-effective alternative to an engineered machined surface in applications where surface finish, increased wear and friction reduction are important considerations. The Process is an isotropic surface finishing process that produces a non-linear, low Ra that improves wear properties and reduces friction.  It is a chemical - mechanical process that sequentially removes the "peaks" of a ground, cut or honed finish while leaving the "valleys" unaffected. The end result is a dramatically improved surface finish with insignificant dimensional change of the part. The increase in component life is a result of a flatter contact surface, which distributes the loads over a larger area and inhibits the formation of stress risers.  REM ISF® is a 2 stage process that finishes with a “burnish” that makes the part come out looking shiny, almost as if it was chrome-plated.

REM ISF Step by Step Finishing Process